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Great service, great quality, very good price compared to the few other local suppliers, and very helpful. The turmeric mix is a great addition to add with the KratomBjorn Coetse

I cannot recommend Kratom enough. It has been an absolute life saver.
After many years of dependence on Benzodiazepines and Sleeping Pills, I am now completely free of all prescription medications.
Not only is the anxiety and depression under control, but the insomnia too. I also suffered from arthritic pain which is now completely under control. Kratom has also given me the energy and focus needed to tackle my stressful work life.
Thank you *Kratom Therapy* for your amazing service. You have an incredible range of Kratom strains to offer and the best quality product I’ve managed to source so far. It’s also your caring and empathic nature for your client’s that encourages me to continue supporting you. – Aprille De Carvalho

Top class quality kratom at highly affordable price – Jason C

Congrats on a fine product, I use kratom for my back pain, and to help me sleep at night – Vincent Shultz