Red Thai


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Pain Relief
Anxiety Relief
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Red Thai strain is a popular choice for many users due to its desirable healing properties. This red strain that is native to Thailand is considered the most relaxing among Kratom strains. Most Kratom users say Red Thai Kratom has positive effect on physical, mental, and emotional well-being . Red Thai is one of the most effective alternative medicines to relieve chronic pain. Users report Red Vein kratom as the ‘magical pain management herb.

  • Relaxation & Sleep
  • Pain Relief
  • Reduction in Stress & Anxiety
  • Assists with Opiate Withdrawal
  • Mood-boosting
  • Increased Focus

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Red Thai

100 gram raw powder, 50 gram raw powder, 200 Capsules = 100 grams, 100 Capsules = 50 grams


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