White Borneo


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Anxiety Relief
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White Vein Borneo is primarily suitable for beginners and avid users and is one of the most well-balanced strains in the kratom community. As a matter of fact, many users describe it as a green strain as it offers a smooth impact across the entire effect spectrum. As a result, many consumers prefer White Borneo because of its versatile and robust nature.

Assists with focus which makes it a useful  for students studying for exams. It’s also great for anyone who works at a mentally demanding job or hoping to get a lot accomplished during the day.

  • Cognitive function and concentration,
  • Boosts Energy
  • Improves Mood
  • Assists with motivation
  • Eases stress

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White Borneo

100 gram raw powder, 50 gram raw powder, 200 Capsules = 100 grams, 100 Capsules = 50 grams


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